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Confidential Detective is the leader in the field of private detective services in Jalgaon for over last 15 years. Confidential Detective Agency is Jalgaon based local Private Detective Agency, where our ultimate goal is to provide client utmost satisfaction at all the levels of investigation. Confidential Detective Agency is among the best detective agencies in Jalgaon, Matrimonial Investigation Agency in Jalgaon for solving all type of investigative cases across all over India with 100% efficiency ratio. We are keen on accepting challenges in every project that we get and our mission is to solve them at the earliest with client satisfaction. We take care of all the precautions on each and every thing during the period of investigation. We never sacrifice client’s privacy as well as we never disclose client’s identity because we believe in quality service and also fulfill clients need with our result oriented detective services in Jalgaon. Confidential Detective team consists of highly trained professionals in this industry. Not only we have hired private detectives in Jalgaon but also our networking across Jalgaon and surrounding is very well established which enables us to provide timely and up to date information to our clients and our detectives are well experienced to tackle all the condition to get the proper details in any circumstances.

Role of our private investigators in Jalgaon is very crucial as they are the backbone of our agency, hence we hire individual who are not only qualified for the job but also are truthful and honest to the job and believe in team work. Our investigators in Jalgaon are very punctual, information collected by them are 100% accurate. They are well trained to handle any conflicting situation which arises during surveillance or tracing of evidence hence it is safe to say our investigators are reliable.

We are specialized in all types of detectives & investigations such as pre/post marital investigations in Jalgaon, Divorce cases investigations in Jalgaon, Surveillance detectives in Jalgaon, Fraud investigations in Jalgaon, forensic investigations in Jalgaon, Loyalty Test investigations in Jalgaon, Extramarital Affairs investigations in Jalgaon, Undercover operations in Jalgaon, Obtaining-Proof and Evidence, Still Photo and Videography & Litigation Support in Jalgaon. All the aforesaid investigations will be supported with solid evidence such as documents, pictures, video/audio recordings etc.

Personal Detective Services in Jalgaon

We works in various private detective investigation services in INDIA

Pre Matrimonial is one of the most important facts. In marriages we believe that the marriages are made in heaven but now days we believe that the faith is very crucial and important for the couples.

Post – Matrimonial Investigation has to be done on your wife or husband if you find difficulty to judge your partners personality, nature, behavior, daily routine because you are not finding…

Having problem in any one’s personal life and not adjustable conditions with spouse’s family or not liking the personality or behavior of partner or cheating and extramarital affair …

Confidential Detective is one of the best private detectives in Delhi for loyalty test. We offer special Surveillance services for those peoples when they are in doubts and feel …

Surveillance/follow up/Shadowing is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting.

When you feel that your partner or spouse is having an extra marital affair it is imperative that you verify the facts and obtain as much evidence as possible before it starts threatening …

If your stock is disappearing, your cashier is pocketing cash, shipment is not reaching its rightful destination on time, or your employees are plotting against you then we can help you…

Confidential Detective Agency help clients in getting the required details of salary and business income, credit card expenses, expenses on mobile usage, details of vehicles, etc. The report can be used as…

We have an extensive infrastructure to investigate controversial document problems such as Forgeries, Anonymous Letters, Erasures, Interpolations Typed Matter, Handwritings…

Whether your’s is a private fraud investigation enquiry, we will work diligently to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for you. Our expertise, allied to our use of the latest still photo…

A Sting Operation is a type of covert procedure designed to catch a person engaging in criminal, illegal, or dishonest activity. Stings generally involve the use of an undercover agent who will pose…

Sometime genuine and strong litigation cases become weak and are lost in the court of law for lack of concrete evidence and supporting information which one finds difficult to obtain on his own…

Corporate Detective Services in Jalgaon

In a corporate world as business owner you require a qualified team of management and employees in order to run your business efficiently. But what is the way to select right contender for your organization…

Confidential Detective is significant post-employment investigation agency in Delhi which has provided its diligent services to large number of clients in all over India. The detective agency…

We at Confidentialdetective provide authentication of hidden asses which comprises real estate properties, personal income, bank accounts, shares valuations, business capitalization and so on…

Confidential Detective is turning into an equivalent to excellent due diligence investigation. We generally favor straightforwardness and it is also shown in our working style.

Employee theft is one of the primary concerns of any business that offers or stockrooms merchandise, and it is a generally avoided by owners, so you should certainly take protection measures.

Confidential Detective is apparently one of the principal business interference investigation organizations that have comprehensive devotion to its clients.

Confidential Detective is exceptional and apparent association of private detective agency in Delhi India which has productively fulfilled the missing person investigation benefits with a specific end goal to track the location…

Confidential Detective is the most respectable private detective agency in Delhi and over all India and we guarantee you that we have the capable group that can analyze the risk and provide you effective solutions.

Confidential Detective has an expertise in giving trademark and copyright infringement investigation. We are crowded with brilliant detective experts who have wide involvement of managing in trademark and copyright infringement..

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Confidentialdetective.com is Delhi’s best private detectives. With two local branch offices – one in West Delhi and second in East Delhi. We are also the oldest private detective in Delhi having started our operations in the year 2002 and have progressively become one of the most trusted and renowned private detective in India. Our clients range from top national and multi national firms to investment banks, law firms, small and medium sector businesses to private clients and HNI’s (high net worth individuals).

Our team is made up of … Read More

Intellectual property has become increasingly difficult in the age of global networking and international competition. If you have a concern involving proprietary information, Confidential Detective can help you discover where and how the information is being compromised. We can help you locate the principals and contain the problem.
The Confidential Detective is work with companies to protect their intellectual assets domestically and abroad. We effectively use diverse assets to develop the information you need to control your intellectual assets…. Read More


We actively seek client feedback from every cases we undertake and we consistently receive positive feedback. The scores say it all: 95% of our clients rate our service overall as either good or excellent.

"My law office has successfully utilized Confidential Detective for a number of years. Their experienced staff has always delivered better than expected results in a timely and sensitive manner. It is obvious that Erin and his team take great pride in the ethical and professional operation their company. I am pleased, without hesitation, to give Confidential Detective my highest recommendation."
Neha Kumari
Mumbai (India)
July 21, 2016
"I can rely on Confidential Detective to do the investigation that the State does not. When Confidential Detective works my cases they are either dismissed or substantially reduced. To me, their local knowledge and experience makes all the difference. They are professional and reliable. If you have a case, and you want to win it call Confidential Detective. I do and will continue to do so."
Ajeet Singh
New Delhi (India)
July 11, 2017
Private Detective Agency in India is a Confidential Detectives actually, I know this firm from past 3 years. They helped me for my post matrimonial detective case ie. Divorce Cases Investigation. I was mentally harassed by my in laws and Confidential Detective helped me to provide me actual facts and evidences that’s helped me allot in my divorce case. Please go for Marital Investigation before going to marriage to understand the actual facts of they are telling.
Mr. Rk Singh
July 22, 2017
Hi, it’s my pleasure to writing a testimonial on Confidential Detectives team of professional private detectives in India is really helpful to get me out in my court cases. Team has provided me proper evidences required to me for by case. Post Marital investigation cases are common and detectives are playing important role in these kinds of fake cases. Thanks to private detectives services.
November 20, 2014
Hi, when I was searching for a good private detective agency in India I was confused. My friend suggests this Confidential Detectives for Pre Marriage investigation in India. I am thankful to Confidential Detective for providing me the complete family background check of a person in India. Provided information is very supportive for taking important decision. The company is very professional and team of private detectives in India work professionally to make client satisfied.
Ayushi Kumari
November 16, 2014
I have already suffered both mentally and economically in fighting my divorce case against my wife and I was seriously in search of a reputed private detective agency in India that can help me in finding substantiated facts and evidences for making my cases stronger in the court. Thanks to Confidential Detective and its team of highly skilled detectives that has put their complete effort in tracing and tracking sufficient proofs for my case. Though the agency was suggested to me by one of my friends, but now due to the promptness and hard work shown by its team, I am happy to recommend this agency to all those persons who are desperately in need of a good private detective agency for fighting their legal cases strongly in the court. I will also like to extend my special gratitude to the head of investigations of its Delhi branch, whose consistent support have not only made my case easier for me, but also given me mental peace. The techniques and methods used by the Delhi team of Confidential Detective is quite appreciable and if they continue to work with the commitment that they have shown in handling my investigation case, will definitely reward them with fruitful results.
September 22, 2016
I really want to thanks the hard working and talented team of investigation officers at Confidential Detective, whose in-depth experience and knowledge has really helped me a lot in gathering all the required evidences that I needed to prove my case strong in my legal proceedings. Divorce is really a tough stage of anyone's life; and the same case was for me. My husband has betrayed me and I was looking for a reliable private detective agency in India that can help me in collecting sufficient information about the real income and property of my husband. Confidential Detective Agency in India team has done a great job by using the most advanced surveillance equipment’s and devices for evidence gathering and now I can easily use the evidences in my lawsuit. Now I can say that post marital problems are undoubtedly one of the biggest problems of a person's life, but if you choose to take services from a detective agency like Confidential Detective, you are definitely going to win your divorce case in favour of you. I will surely like to recommend its services to all those mentally unstable couple who are undergoing divorce case proceedings in their lives.
October 18, 2013
I know about Confidential Detective in India a few years back from my cousin when one of his friends was undergoing divorce fight in court and this agency has helped him a lot collecting enough proofs and evidences for proving his points in the court. When in 2015, I faced the same problem with my wife, then I contacted Confidential Detective, because I want proper investigation against my spouse's character so that I can prove her infidelity in the court. I can only say that Confidential Detective in India team of detectives is simply superb in performing their duties honestly. They use the modern devices and technology for tracking the evidences properly and each of the evidences that they have presented in front of me have helped me significantly in my legal lawsuit. This agency is not only certified, but I can say only one trusted detective agency of National Capital Region that offers evidences enough to support your fact in front of the society and law. Thanks to Operations head of Investigation, who have regularly updated with each and every development in my investigation case while maintaining the confidentially of my identity, which I think is a great job.
Mr. Bhatiya
October 20, 2016
I was excited a lot when my marriage is fixed with my finance. We keep on talking regularly, but suddenly one of friends told me that my finance is honest towards me and he is consistently involved in a relationship with some other girl. I was in deep pain and disappointed when I came to know about this private detective firm. I can only say that the investigation officer that has conducted pre matrimonial investigation against my fiance was superb in his job. He has used the most advanced techniques and technology for collecting evidences against his suspicious activities and those evidences has helped me a lot in disclosing his truth in front of my parents. My engagement was broken and now I am happily married with my best friend, who is a very good and understanding person at heart, but I would really love to thanks the whole team at Confidential Detective that have helped me in coming out of the biggest problem of my life and now, I live my life with a loyal person of my own choice. I would surely say "All the best" to the entire team for their future endeavours.
Tanya Arora
October 21, 2016
I was on good terms with my fiance when I heard from someone about his involvement in some crime. I was totally disheartened and wanted to hire a private detective to know the real truth about my fiance. I hired the services of Confidential Detective Agency through the internet, and I can only say that they have done a great job while investigating my case. All the facts and proofs collected by my investigating officer was cross checked and completely verified, which was really an important thing if you want to disclose the unusual behaviour of someone, who is good in front of the entire society. However, I used the facts and my fiance accepted that previously he has a police record for involvement in a theft. I felt as if I was cheated by believing and honouring a person who has a crime record. However, now I am recovered from my broken engagement and would really like to appreciate the efforts of whole team of Confidential Detective team because their dedication and promptness have really helped me in overcoming the toughest obstacle of my life. Hats off to their professionalism and best of luck for their potential deeds.
Ajay Mehra
July 28, 2011