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Confidentialdetective.com is Delhi’s best private detectives. With two local branch offices – one in West Delhi and second in East Delhi. We are also the oldest private detective in Delhi having started our operations in the year 2002 and have progressively become one of the most trusted and renowned private detective in India. Our clients range from top national and multi national firms to investment banks, law firms, small and medium sector businesses to private clients and HNI’s (high net worth individuals).

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Intellectual property has become increasingly difficult in the age of global networking and international competition. If you have a concern involving proprietary information, Confidential Detective can help you discover where and how the information is being compromised. We can help you locate the principals and contain the problem.
The Confidential Detective is work with companies to protect their intellectual assets domestically and abroad. We effectively use diverse assets to develop the information you need to control your intellectual assets.
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Youth of today is spending more than 50+ hours a week on an average using electronic/internet media and they are communicating with more than one person simultaneously using multiple internet avenues like chat, email, social networks etc. The Indian online dating scams has arrived here, live-ins have become so commonplace in some parts, video and email chats are all the rage, But where do all these people meet, on the road? In a friend’s party? Office?, the answer of course … Read More

Today freedom has another name is crime which includes Teenager Activity Check to keep the children from any kind of further trouble which can vanish the life of our children. To stop such cases Confidential Detective is providing the best and secure Teenager activity check investigation in which are taking precaution from any kind of loss of teenagers patience. Truth and dare detective private ltd has team of expertise who has the quality to get the all information which is … Read More

One might find a number of reasons for approaching a reliable detective agency and hiring the experts of the industry. But, it is needed for you to know your exact reason and then hire the reliable professionals with ease. This will surely be beneficial for you to seek the assistance from the experts of the industry and avail the services that you are looking for.

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Are you in a phase of life where you need to get the assistance from the professionals of the industry to investigate the past or present life mystery of your partner? If yes, then it is needed for you to search for the best available agencies and get in touch with a reliable one. This will surely be beneficial for you to seek the assistance from the experts of the industry by approaching a reliable agency. You just need to … Read More

Divorce is one of the most critical decision of couples’ life. This is not as easy as it appears to be for the people who are undergoing with the situation. But, at some point of time when the thoughts of both the two partners do not match at all, then, going with this decision will surely beneficial for the future of both of them. Seeking the assistance from the professionals of the industry will help you to make the process … Read More

It is needed for you to hire the professionals of the industry to investigate the aspects and make the things clear for your personal as well as professional growth. Only, the experts of the industry will help you out in the same context. They do have proper knowledge of the facts and implement the things accordingly to serve you with the best possible solutions for the needed detection of the aspects. Hence, you just need to approach a reliable Detective … Read More

Know the Fats, Why You Should Think of Getting Assistance from Professional Detectives
Have you recently noticed some strange behave of your partner. It is needed for you to investigate the things prior to getting the situation worsen. This will let you know that whether your partner os loyal with you or not. This might be a normal behaviour, but it might also be that your loved one is in extra affair with some other guy/girl. Therefore, getting the things investigated … Read More

Ensuring about the loyalty of your life partner or would be life partner will result more truth for sure. Previously, people needs to put their best efforts and spend so much time in investigating about their partners or would be partners. But, with the availability of different detective agencies, the job becomes easier now. All you need to do is get in touch with a trusted Private & Confidential Detective Agency in Delhi or somewhere else in the world. This … Read More

Forgetting your ex requires a lot of efforts. Sometimes just the efforts are not sufficient to get the desired results. This blog attempts to share with you ways to get over a breakup in a logical process and a step by step approach which can be effectively helpful.
The mechanism of forgetting your Ex
The amount of time and action necessary to forget depends on the intensity of the relationship and the effort that you put into forgetting.

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Almost every married person has faced marriage problems one time or the other. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is no marriage without marriage problems even if the partners truly love each other. The reasons of marriage problems could be any and many. Therefore, the timings, nature, frequency and intensity of marital discords would also vary from couple to couple.

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