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Welcome To Private Detectives in Delhi (India) !!

About Private Detective Agency in Delhi !!

Confidential Detective is one of the pioneers of Detective Services at Pan India Level handling Pre & Post Investigations. We are into the profession of Investigation services since2001, the day agency incorporated.

We have highly experienced professionals and expertise in handling surveillances detectives, pre & post matrimonial investigations, Divorce case investigations, loyalty test investigations, cheating and proofs gathering of spouse/ soulmates etc.

Confidential Detective is a best private detective agency, having local team of agents, we know the history, geography & language of India and the City and Area of work, Knowing the people, state, places, politicians, the good and bad guys in city, every road & maps, thus it makes us the best agency to deal with Us. We have teams and contacts almost everywhere in India etc.

If you are looking professional investigations agencies in India, Confidential Detective is a well-known private detective agency in India. We are committed to bringing beliefs, honesty and a sense of trust to all our Investigations Services, and pride ourselves on offering a professional and careful service to all our customers.

Confidential Detective does not reveal the identity of our clients as we respect and know the importance of their privacy and secrecy.

The Confidential Detective is proud in saying that it has 15 years of experience as pre matrimonial detectives, post matrimonial investigations, personal detectives, Divorce cases & surveillance detective's agency India and handling crucial case with professionalism. The demand for private detective agency is in demand in Indian society due to rise in figures of cheating cases in most matrimonial. So, not to fall an easy prey, people are hiring private investigations agencies with huge amount of experience in the field. In the present scenario economic growth has led to the increase of crimes and unwanted social elements of the society.

Confidential Detective is one of the most respected Private Detective Agencies in India building a great reputation by providing quality services, which are consistent, thorough and confidential, within specified time and at lowest charges. and much more...

Matrimonial Investigator

Our Detective Services

We works in various private detective investigation services in INDIA.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Pre Matrimonial is one of the most important facts. In marriages we believe that the marriages are made in heaven but now days we believe that the faith is very crucial and important for the couples.

Post Matrimonial investigation

Post and Pre Matrimonial Investigation are related to each other if you have not done pre – matrimonial investigation on bride or groom so there is chance you will be required to do so...

Divorce Cases Investigation

Having problem in any one's personal life and not adjustable conditions with spouse's family or not liking the personality or behavior of partner or cheating and extramarital affair causes Divorce problem.

Loyalty Test Investigation

Confidential Detective is one of the best private detectives in Delhi for loyalty test. We offer special Surveillance services for those peoples when they are in doubts and feel that his/her Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Partner...

Surveillance Detectives

Surveillance/follow up/Shadowing is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting.

Extramarital Affairs

When you feel that your partner or spouse is having an extra marital affair it is imperative that you verify the facts and obtain as much evidence as possible before it starts threatening your sanity and peace of mind.

Undercover Operation

If your stock is disappearing, your cashier is pocketing cash, shipment is not reaching its rightful destination on time, or your employees are plotting against you then we can help you.

Obtaining Proof and evidence

We have an extensive infrastructure to investigate controversial document problems such as Forgeries, Anonymous Letters, Erasures, Interpolations Typed Matter, Handwritings...

Income Proof

Confidential Detective Agency help clients in getting the required details of salary and business income, credit card expenses, expenses on mobile usage, details of vehicles, etc. The report can be used as...

Still Photo and Videography

Whether your's is a private fraud investigation enquiry, we will work diligently to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for you. Our expertise, allied to our use of the latest still photo & videography equipment...

Litigation Support

Sometime genuine and strong litigation cases become weak and are lost in the court of law for lack of concrete evidence and supporting information which one finds difficult to obtain on his own.

Sting Operation

A Sting Operation is a type of covert procedure designed to catch a person engaging in criminal, illegal, or dishonest activity. Stings generally involve the use of an undercover agent who will pose...

Private Detectives in India
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We as a reputed detective agency in India and one of the best and most experienced detective agency in the country, possess a team of highly professional private detectives who are highly experienced to handle cases pertaining to pre and post matrimonial detective services, Divorce cases, Loyalty test, Surveillance detectives and many more.

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Matrimonial Counsellor of Confidential Detective Agency.

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our big clients ?

We actively seek client feedback from every cases we undertake and we consistently receive positive feedback. The scores say it all: 95% of our clients rate our service overall as either good or excellent.

"I can rely on Confidential Detective to do the investigation that the State does not. When Confidential Detective works my cases they are either dismissed or substantially reduced. To me, their local knowledge and experience makes all the difference. They are professional and reliable. If you have a case, and you want to win it call Confidential Detective. I do and will continue to do so."
"My law office has successfully utilized Confidential Detective for a number of years. Their experienced staff has always delivered better than expected results in a timely and sensitive manner. It is obvious that Erin and his team take great pride in the ethical and professional operation their company. I am pleased, without hesitation, to give Confidential Detective my highest recommendation."